Happy Fall Y’all!!!!

So excited for the first few days of cool weather!  It has been Fantastic!!  The Cypress trees are giving just a hint of yellow, gold color but nothing major as of yet.  Guess the temperatures will have to drop a little more. We planted a pumpkin patch and have been watching it closely.  So far, only a few pumpkins.  Who knows, by the end of October, there may be a full patch!!

We do hope that you will plan on spending a few days with us in October.  The homes and businesses in Jefferson have already started their fall decorating.  In October, Jefferson hosts the haunted house tour and haunted train ride just for fun.  The really awesome part of that is getting to tour some of the magnificent historical buildings in Jefferson!  It will definitely put you in the “spirit” — for fall that is!!

We will keep you updated on the color changing Bald Cypress!  If you think that Caddo Lake is pretty during the spring and summer, just wait until you see it in the fall!!  Yes, there are pictures on the internet of its mysterious beauty, but the pictures cannot even begin to unveil the true beauty that you capture with your own eyes!

Photographers, make your plans early so that you do not miss out on the opportunity to take amazing fall photographs.  Buffalo Bayou RV Park is taking reservations for the end of October through the  1st weeks of November.  Buffalo Bayou RV Park is right around the corner from Benton Lake which is the most beautiful and most photographed area on Caddo during the fall season.  We  have a boat that will be leaving out early every morning and late evening to accommodate your photography of the area.  As space is limited, you will need to call to make reservations and inquire about the fee for the boat to take you out.

It is an exciting time in and around Caddo Lake…. cool weather, beautiful landscapes,  preparing for the upcoming holidays……what a wonderful time of year!  So much to see and do around Jefferson and Marshall during the holidays.   Allow us to help make this season special for you and your family!

We hope to see you soon!!