We are Leslie and Pat Long

Owners of Buffalo Bayou RV Park

The Story Behind the Name

We are Leslie and Pat Long from East Texas. We raised buffalo on our small ranch in Rusk County for 15 years. Buffalo are amazing creatures and each has its own personality. It was awesome to be able to sit on the back porch and watch them as they played, raised calves and grazed. We were able to go out into the pasture and accomplish whatever we needed to without ever seeing an aggressive side to these animals. The buffalo were definitely curious and wanted to know what was going on.

When we made the decision to move up to Caddo Lake to start a new business venture, we knew that this might not be the best move for the buffalo. But once you have raised buffalo, they become a part of you. The buffalo have moved to another home close to Tyler, Texas and we have moved here, but we discovered that our time raising buffalo taught us many things. And so, in honor of our gentle giants, we came up with the name Buffalo Bayou RV Park.

We believe that they would have liked it here at Buffalo Bayou. The beauty of nature. The peace and quiet. The water close by and room to roam. Sometimes, if we listen, we can still hear their hoofs running as if they were playing chase across the land. The buffalo may not physically be present with us here but the beautiful spirit of the buffalo will follow us wherever we go.